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Interior doors "door coupe"

Everyone dreams of a comfortable and elegant interior, the best use of the living space of an apartment or house. To solve this problem in a room or in the doorway are not installed interior doors, and the "door coupe", the price of which will surprise compared to the simple interior doors. Given the convenience, simplicity and efficiency of this design solutions, which ultimately achieves an optimal balance of price and quality and maximize consumer benefits from investments made since the door coupe, even with expensive filling, is much cheaper than a nice wooden interior door. Replacing interior doors doors or single door "coupe", solves the problem of non-standard size doorway, or the dimension of the room. Since the compartment door can be made of any height and width up to 1500 mm. Depending on the opening, the compartment door installed in the aperture or along the wall, and therefore the total leaf area can be increased to the extent necessary. Depending on the design of the room door can be divided into the desired number of inserts for the interior, providing maximum flexibility in meeting any design request of the customer. Order interior doors coupeDue to the fundamentally different approach to working with the interior space of the door "door coupe" to effectively perform the same function as conventional interior doors, just a different design. Interior doors coupe not require extra space for opening process, as the door leaf door coupe is moved along the wall of the doorway. There is a door coupe with an outboard engine, which allows you not to create a small threshold, as the door coupe with a lower support. But the door coupe with a significantly lower guide practical than a harness. That is, the interior doors coupe simply and smoothly move off to the side or in a prepared recess in the wall, without changing his position in the doorway of the plane or in space. Unlike conventional interior doors, whole cloth which must be opened towards the interior of the hall or room, forming a dead zone and the angle between the door and the door opening, creating inconvenience and occupying an area of the room. With its convenience and all the advantages of interior doors "coupe" require care if they drive on the bottom rail, its like in the case of a compartment should be periodically vacuumed. But in general, "the door coupe" is very easy to use, easy to install, and very aesthetic, and can be considered as a separate element of the interior, such as the partition space, both in Headquarters and in the office. Because in addition to an elegant structural beauty and ease of the door, which is often performed with installed inside colored glass, which gives the doors airiness, lightness and elegance. Also, there is always the possibility to choose the color, texture and graphics for decoration door coupe for all tastes, filling it with any color chipboard, bamboo, rattan, or simply a mirror, in full compliance with design solutions interior space which will be installed "door coupe."
This way, you get the opportunity to combine comfort, beauty and individuality of the interior design, installing interior doors, "coupe", the price at which, while significantly more profitable conventional wooden interior doors.
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Door coupes are made of durable aluminum production «IDEAL» or «RAUM PLUS»