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Шкаф купе встроенный 15

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Шкаф купе встроенный

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Встроенный шкаф купе

Шкаф купе встроенный 2400х1600х600, 2 двери купе - лдсп и зеркало.
Стоимость шкафа купе 24000 рублей.

Built-in wardrobes

One of the most practical, functional, and so today's popular types of wardrobes - built. As is clear from the name, these cabinets are built in handy for this part of the room - storage, area behind the door, a piece of the corridor. One reason for the popularity of such structures - a more affordable price, because these cabinets are absent almost all elements except the door panels - side panels, floor, roof, rear panel. This significantly reduces the cost of production of the cabinet, allowing savings to select better materials for the manufacture of compartments and door panels.

Perhaps the only drawback of built-in closets - that they can be installed only once, and after that they can not move, can not put in another place. There may be issues with the placement, with the installation of the cabinet, so the built-in closets are always made to order. Before we take your order for experienced specialists carefully measured parameters plot premises inspected for any defects, irregularities of the walls, floors, ceilings, because after the cabinet is ready, these defects can not be eliminated.

But the effect of the appearance of the interior of housing and office built-in closet is worth the effort and money. Roomy, covering part of the room from floor to ceiling cupboard and door panels are able to pick up an entire household items, which were previously located anywhere and pretty bad mood. With the built-in closet in your home there is so much space that you want to fill the elegant furnishings, or just enjoy his presence.

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