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Шкаф купе угловой 04

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Угловой шкаф купе

Шкаф купе угловой с подсветкой 2400х1000х2500х600, 2 двери купе и 1 распашная - тонированное стекло с разделителями.
Стоимость углового шкафа купе 37780 рублей.


Corner wardrobes

In every house there is a corner that could be used more efficiently by placing it suitable for a piece of furniture. Corner closets, thanks to its design capabilities, are able to accommodate a lot more things for your home and life than conventional cabinets. Corner wardrobes can be quite deep, which allows more variety of items to fill, and the mirrors on their facade will help make your small room even more spacious.

By building designs corner closets are divided into "L"-shaped, diagonal and diagonal corner. In the first case the cabinet is composed of two parts, which are perpendicular to each other, where one part consists of more sections - two or three. These cabinets are usually used to fill the corner where one of the parties is limited to any element on the wall - for example, a door. Diagonal corner wardrobe takes more space, because its doors are connected to the angle of the hypotenuse there have to remember high-school geometry. These cabinets look very impressive, since the area of the door panels have more, and when equipped with mirrors, patterned glass panels with a picture on a large-format printing from your door, you can create entire decorative panels.

There are rectangular corner wardrobes, which have at least two separate parts of the facade at an angle of 90 degrees relative to each other. Such corner wardrobes can be a useful platform for storage even for a small corner.

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