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Шкаф на заказ — это наиболее эффективный способ воплотить самые нестандартные идеи, сделать любое помещение уютным, комфортным и особенным. В отличие от типовых стандартных решений, шкафы изготавливаемые по индивидуальному проекту, имеют возможность расширения функционала за счёт внесения изменений в конструкцию, позволяя использовать пространство с наибольшей эффективностью. А благодаря возможности выбора любых материалов, можно регулировать стоимость и контролировать качество готового изделия.

Built-in compartment. Lockers. Cabinets. Built-in cabinets and recessed wardrobe cupboards

The significance of built-in furniture, wardrobe systems and sliding door wardrobes in equipping modern apartments and houses increases every year. Sliding wardrobe, dressing room or a built-in wardrobe not only provide a convenient way to store items and other items at the same time this furniture is an important element of an ergonomic organization of the living space of any apartment or home. Arrange the dressing room as a single room in a house built in the last century is problematic enough, but finding a place to put the walk-in closet or dressing room cabinet compartment is in principle possible, even in small apartments "Khrushchev" may create the optimal solution in the form of a walk-in closet or corner wardrobe closets coupe . Different versions of wardrobe cupboards and types of dressing rooms allow any room to make not only a place to store things, but to be part of the interior decoration. Since the dressing room door coupe or convertible cabinet can be designed in any style, from modern high-tech style to the classic style.
Custom furniture for the dressing rooms, cabinets coupe, bespoke fitted wardrobes - manufactured by our production - are waiting for their customers and customers who appreciate quality and individuality. The highest level of quality custom-made furniture, comfort, convenience, functionality, exclusivity, coupled with modern furniture - furniture that's what distinguishes the organization «ART-DESIGN», which our designers develop and offer to our customers. Furniture organization «ART-DESIGN», in particular, cabinets coupe, dressing rooms, closets, kitchen and children's furniture, office and hotel furniture is manufactured in St. Petersburg, with the use of modern technology, fittings and high quality materials.
Each piece of furniture organization «ART-DESIGN» has a long warranty, in addition, our furniture company provides after-sales service and repair of furniture sliding door wardrobes. Furniture Russian company «ART-DESIGN» is becoming more and more popular not only in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, but also in many cities of Russia. Furniture delivery to other cities provides a reliable transport company, we can say almost nothing. Hull structures sliding door wardrobes and dressing rooms, assembly and installation of modular structures are fast and reliable, very convenient and practical to use and offer a wide range of functional design options. Thanks to the individuality of custom-made furniture organization «ART-DESIGN» interior of the apartment or house, you can change not only the appearance but also functional.

Conventional cabinets with hinged doors

Before you order a cabinet furniture company «ART-DESIGN», need to think carefully about the internal filling cabinet. Furniture company «ART-DESIGN» provides unlimited opportunities for different cabinets to order. If space allows, it is convenient cupboards with wing doors - a classic furnishing any room, cupboards with wing doors still have not lost their popularity even with such a huge selection of sliding door wardrobes and dressing rooms. Thus the design and dimensions of the cabinet swing custom space saving space is not less effective and functional than all the favorite wardrobe cupboards. An important advantage of the cabinet with hinged doors, in addition to the minimum cost is no need to use part of the interior of the cabinet for mounting rails in the cabinet as a coupe, unless you use the metal profile for doors. For a small niche with a width using the built-in wardrobes with hinged doors from chipboard and doors with aluminum profile in the closet compartment, or simply in an aluminum frame, depending on the location and style of the interior.

Sliding built-in wardrobes

Built-in cabinets coupe relevant to the case when the room there is a broad niche. Functionally, filling the space of the opening, and picking up the decorative filler door, built-in closet and improve the interior shape of the room. Comfortable and beautiful built-in wardrobes furniture company «ART-DESIGN» provide additional opportunities for the organization of the internal space of the room and allow you to store a large amount of objects and things. Top shelves fitted wardrobe cupboards, as well as ordinary cabinets and dressing rooms can be used for storing things that are used seasonally, or just rare. In addition, the built-in closet with mirrored doors can not look for a special place to put a mirror in the room, and mirror door coupe or a frosted white glass makes the interior of the room lighter and more visually enlarges the space of the room where the closet.
Built-in compartment to order the organization «ART-DESIGN» stand out among similar unit produced by other companies, contemporary design, quality of workmanship, enabling radically change the interior of the premises at the request of customers, the functionality of the internal filling, environmentally friendly materials, reliable quality of the used hardware.

Options lockers coupe

Create a version of a wardrobe case in various ways: for example, built-in wardrobe closet suggests mounting the internal filling the walls of the room, the floor and ceiling. Option carcass wardrobe closets (detached) constitutes a separate structure. Corner wardrobes coupe-like free-standing and built in recent years are the most popular option for most customers' closets. For a small room or apartment "studio" compactness and large wardrobe chest fullness of the coupe is the most convenient and a wonderful option of storing things.

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