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Sliding wardrobe

PROJECTS sliding wardrobe

Wardrobes can be divided into several types: built-in wardrobe cupboards, corner cupboards wardrobes and cupboards housing compartment. Built-in compartment is called built-in and free-standing. In a separate group can be isolated cases of a compartment consisting of modules, as well as living room furniture - it's the same routine closet, but done in such a way that you can in its sole discretion to add, modify, or trim the shelf items: shelves, rods, drawers. In this case, such a compartment is made in the same style and harmoniously combines different elements, but these options can usually be applied in any case furniture, not only in the factory, but also made on an individual project.
Проекты шкафов купе от мебельной компании Арт-ДизайнBuilt-in compartment - freestanding (cabinet closet).
In such a case - compartment, unlike the built-in cabinet, has a roof, wall, rear wall and floor. Stand-alone closet can be moved, disassembled and transported to another room. Factory standard cabinets coupe have one important quality - they are suitable in terms of size to almost any room, because the standards were taken from the apartment layouts of old Soviet buildings. But the curvature of the walls and floor of a room is the determining factor for the installation of the cabinet compartment in contrast to the cabinet compartment, made to order. Since the ideal walls and floors virtually nowhere and even a perfectly assembled cabinet will hang as a roly-poly, and have something to enclose under the ground so that it stood on the level.
Built-in wardrobes - coupe
Built-in wardrobes - compartment are often designed and installed in a niche or doorway of the room. The opening for cupboard can be placed in the wall of the room, under the stairs, under a sloping ceiling in the attic room or just a room to occupy part of the room or corridor. The design of built-in cabinet compartment fastened to the floor, the ceiling, the walls of the room, so that this cabinet can not be translated into another apartment, except that in the house of such a series. And the need for it does not arise: in other interior he is not fit, since the design of built-in furniture and custom-made furniture designed just for the interior color scheme and style of the room.
What type of enclosure is preferred, angular, built-in or freestanding cabinet compartment?
And corner cupboards, fitted wardrobe cupboards and freestanding cabinets coupe reliable, convenient and quality, if designed and constructed correctly. Focus on the interior of a particular room: are there in it openings, niches, what is the ceiling and the shape of the room. For example, the walls of the "gypsum plasterboard" - not the most durable surface for attachment to them kitchen sets or fitted wardrobe cupboards, unless of course no mortgages made under the cabinet mounting rails or kitchen units and in this case it is possible to design a high-quality, reliable design cabinet compartment. To determine the structure and design cabinet compartment suitable for your premises will help zamerschik or designer furniture. But if you have conceived in the repair process unit cabinet compartment or kitchen, you need to make mortgages to secure the future of furniture design. A competent interior designer premeditated these moments, ideally: our zamerschik tell at what distances and what size mortgages needed for the specific attachment of furniture.

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