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It is impossible to imagine the interior with no furniture. And no matter what is the purpose of the room, what style it is drawn, as it is large, the furniture is of key importance. However, the concept is too broad. When we are planning environment bedrooms, living room or, in general, the office, we are referring to specific types of furniture. And in order to articulate what we need to create an environment that is ideally meets our taste and appropriate to its purpose, it should be somewhat deeper into the issue of the classification of the interior.

Мебель для дома

It would seem that everything is simple: bedroom furniture - a bed, padded stools, dressing table, and living room - couch, sofa, armchairs, and coffee tables. In the kitchen, we will buy a kitchen set for children - bookcase, desk, bed. For offices and reception provides office furniture - reception desks and chairs for visitors and staff, computer tables, cabinets. Bathroom and hallway also made a special interior. But this is only one kind of classification of furniture - for its intended use. However, bedroom furniture, living room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and even the office can be very different, and its purpose - is not the only criterion for selection. To sum up, then the scope of all types of furniture can be divided into four groups: office, home, children, special and individual items.

Also important material from which the products are made. For example, if a bedroom or nursery , we choose the bed and side tables made of wood and mattresses filled with natural, then, ordering kitchen furniture should be preferred moisture-resistant materials. Upholstery stools, chairs and kitchen corner sofa should be easily washable, not being been afraid moisture and resistant to dirt. Countertops for kitchen tables and cabinets fronts for kitchen or bathroom can be made of modern high-strength plastic or composite materials, the advantage of which is in excellent operating characteristics.

Design features - another option to classify the pieces of furniture. Remember the old heavy oak wardrobe? He was certainly handsome, but, unfortunately, is inconvenient and cumbersome. Today, the interior is more commonly used items are more suited to modern living space size and much more convenient to use. For example, the built-in furniture not only helps to create the room comfort and convenience, but if necessary, allows you to save space. If you like to change and are constantly in search of creative, convertible furniture - this is what you need. And this is not the only kinds of interior design. In general, the construction of furniture can be divided into the cabinet, transformable, mobile, embedded, collapsible, and soft.

If we talk about the classification of furniture, it is impossible not to mention such an important criterion, as the price. Now available in the market the furniture in different price ranges.

Exclusive furniture manufactured to individual orders in a single copy. Luxury created by designer sketches from expensive materials. There are also more affordable types of furniture: located in the mid-range and cheap

As for the style and color beds, sofas, wardrobes, tables, shelves and other interior items, here is our imagination is unlimited. Typically, furnishings purchased in accordance with the general concept of design space - it could be a classic style or modern or art deco, furniture made of pine or oak furniture. It all depends on the purposes for which the furniture you plan to use what we want to use it to stress and how to envision an ideal interior.

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